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Violence remains at unacceptable levels in across the UK. The Mentors in

Violence Prevention programme offers excellent opportunities to discuss a range of issues within an educational framework where positive relationships,

Health and Wellbeing are key.


MVP aims to create safe and supportive learning environments by challenging bullying and abuse, building relationships and creating partnerships between schools and communities.


MVP will train young people to speak out against all forms of bullying, violence and abusive behaviour and it will focus on an innovative 'bystander' approach.

Pupils will be identified not as victims or perpetrators but will empower them to take an active role in promoting a positive school climate here in this school. Pupils will be encouraged to support and challenge their peers.


MVP is a peer led approach, led by the school and delivered by young people from within the school.



Everyone has a responsibility.



Don’t do nothing!



Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP)


MVP mentors - Mentors in violence prevention

James McMullen

Precious Olaofe

Maahir Raza

Anzinnia Binu

Hasan Hussain

Randy Asamoah

Sarah Hussain

Rene Sanganza

Kishen Vyas

Nagiate Chamey

Taylor Reid

Kamani Clough

Jahkieza Donaldson

Keria Jermakovica

Mohammed Awais

Alex Nivore

Sidra Lallmahamood